A sports star from MB&F, the Horological Machine No.8 Can-Am

MB&F has announced the HM8, Horological Machine N°8, a watch that takes the brand’s idiosyncratic and fun features and infuses them with high-octane Can-Am race car-inspired design.


The result is a timepiece that generates the usual exquisitely sculptured, high-speed wrist-borne fantasy, with MB&F exhorting followers to “start your engines and feel the thunder!”

This is about as far away from the traditional watch-world as you can get, and continues MB&F’s path over the past decade, one marked by the distinctive angular forms and optical prism displays inspired by the 1970s.


The HM8 rises from the turbo-charged ashes of the Can-Am, a discontinued “anything goes” US-based sports car racing series that would have celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2016 but only ran until 1987.

Bruce McLaren developed his first car for the Can-Am series, with McLaren, Lola, Chaparral, BRM, Shadow and Porsche all running manufacture teams. Class restrictions in the Can-Am were minimal and allowed for unlimited engine sizes, turbocharging, supercharging, and basically unrestricted aerodynamics. This led to the development of pioneering technology in many fields. And extremely powerful engines.


The watch here lives up to the name, a curvaceous yet angular case with dual optical prisms vertically displaying bi-directional jumping hours and trailing minutes.

A battle-axe winding rotor is visible on top while Can-Am inspired polished “roll bars” sweep from the front of the machine down to the tapered back.


MB&F founder Maximilian Büsser describes Horological Machine N°8: “I feel that this is one of the coolest pieces I’ve ever created, ” adding, “Incongruously for a fully mechanical racing machine, the visual effect is electric.”


Those roll bars are milled from solid blocks of grade 5 titanium and then hand-polished “to gleam like tubular mirrors”.

HM8’s engine sits in full view under a nearly invisible sapphire crystal engine cover. The open centre of the blued-gold battle-axe rotor reveals the circular wave finish of the movement, while the hour and minute indication discs are visible in the corners.


The generous use of sapphire crystal allows unfettered visual access to the movement while its transparency backlights the time displays, making them more legible by day. Light also charges the Super-LumiNova numerals on the hour and minute discs for maximum legibility by night.

The HM8 Can-Am launches in two versions, cased in a combination of  white gold and titanium or red gold and titanium.

Our reaction to the HM8 Can-Am? This is one serious watch and serious fun at the same time. Just as few will ever get to drive a real Can-Am car, this machine promises to be another envious experience.

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