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Quick Facts & Ice Breakers About The Omega Speedmaster For Your Next Watch GTG

Quick Facts & Ice Breakers About The Omega Speedmaster For Your Next Watch GTG Feature Articles

2017 marked the 60 th Anniversary of the Omega Speedmaster, one of the most recognizable and popular watches and one that is also known as the “Moonwatch” by watch collectors and enthusiasts. Being a NASA certified instrument for all manned space missions won’t in itself suffice for a lasting success as that of the “Speedy.” No, it also took the Speedmaster’s evergreen and balanced aesthetic, highly comfy fit, and excellent reliability. Throughout the years, we have seen the Speedmaster mature from tool watch to luxury timepiece. While among the most iconic pieces from major brands, it still remains as one of the most affordable.

Quick Facts & Ice Breakers About The Omega Speedmaster For Your Next Watch GTG Feature Articles

Today, we are defining off on a course that will help us discover a few prominent production pieces and, with them, some fascinating chapters in Speedmaster history. Not trying to create a definitive guidebook here by any stretch of the imagination, just enough to help you converse with other Speedy fans and discover more of the near-infinite number of minute details the Moonwatch took on over its last 60 years.

Quick Facts & Ice Breakers About The Omega Speedmaster For Your Next Watch GTG Feature Articles

The fascination of collecting and learning about the Moonwatch comes from individual stories, trivia, history, and minor tweaks of design details, be it a typeface, bezel print, logo details, hands, or other stuff only those bitten hard by the Speedy-bug can appreciate. For a lot of us, the sense of satisfaction steps in when you are able to hold a conversation with other collectors, or when you become the expert at a birthday dinner, who can articulate further details on how a timepiece, so often overlooked, played a prominent role in some of NASA’s most challenging projects.

Coming up are our top selections of three iconic Speedmaster references, sort of an extension to this incredible selection of quint-essential Speedmasters by our David Bredan. But, we would love to hear what your favorite reference, further knowledge, or piece of trivia is, because we’d love to consider them for future articles. Be it a limited or special edition, or merely one of the references from the core collection, we know these few are everything but inclusive of all the Speedmaster has in store. Anyhow, let’s get started with these “Ultimate Ice Breakers For Your Next Watch GTG! “

Quick Facts & Ice Breakers About The Omega Speedmaster For Your Next Watch GTG Feature Articles Apollo 13 crew member Jack Swigert with the Omega Speedmaster strapped to his space suit. Source: NASA

Let us begin with some quick basics about vintage Speedmasters 😛 TAGEND

The Speedmaster was introduced in 1957 as a sports chronograph to strengthen Omega’s positioning as the Official Timekeeper of the Olympic Game.

The name’ Speedmaster’ was derived from Omega’s model naming convention, in line with the’ Seamaster’ and’ Railmaster.” Speed’ was chosen for its tachymeter …

The tachymeter scale of the Speedmaster is the first to ever appear on the bezel of any watch in the world.

The applied metal Omega logo can only be found on a handful of early Speedmaster references produced between 1957 -1 968, fitted with a cal. 321 movement- except for the 145.022 transitional model – you can read more about it here.

The “Professional” wording did not officially appear on Speedmaster dials until 1964, but…

…Contrary to common belief, the Professional marking on the dial has nothing to do with the 105. 003 passing NASA’s tests and had already been and would have been present irrespective.

Speedmasters made before 1966 have no crown guards.

The use of the printed logoes began in 1969. It also marked the discontinuation of the famed movement Cal. 321, replaced by Cal. 861, a movement that served as a base for the 1861 that is still in use today.

The Omega Speedmaster wasn’t the first watch in space, but the first worn on the moon, on the wrist of Buzz Aldrin on July 21 st 1969. Neil Armstrong had left his Speedmaster in the Lunar Module as a back-up for the onboard timekeeping system.

Omega Caliber 861 technological draw and the four case-back options for the ST145. 022 -6 9. Via: Omega, Moonwatch Only, Fratellowatches, Watchuseek, and Dreamchrono.